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Topics: Henry David Thoreau, World War II, Civil disobedience Pages: 6 (2626 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Henry David Thoreau once stated in Civil Disobedience “I was not born to be forced. Let us see who is the strongest. What force had multitude? Thoreau, the father of Transcendentalism, would have never predicted the events that would take place because of Hitler, nearly a century later, the way Hitler took what he wanted and did not care what people he affected. Both Hitler and Thoreau have one thing in common, they are willing to fight for what they believe, but how they differ is their methods. If Adolf Hitler and Henry Thoreau had worked together, Thoreau’s beliefs in Civil disobedience and individuality through simplicity would have transformed the way that Hitler used totalitarism methods during his reign as leader of Germany. It is often said that childhood can affect the type of person they become in the future. For Hitler all this was true. He was brought us in a household that was ruled by his oppressive father. He was never accepted in his home by his father, which was all he really ever wanted. He was desperate for acceptance from anybody, which describes his obsessive personality that led him to torture innocent people later in the future. Hitler’s father did not accept him because he wanted to go into art rather than pursue business. He was alone in his own world, which describes his need for people to nearly worship him. When Hitler was older his sister died and his mother let him drop out of school, he then traveled to Vienna. In Vienna he tried to go to school for fine arts and was rejected more than once. Hitler being rejected by the only thing that mattered to him most had to be distressing therefore; he later in the future made sure he was never rejected by anyone. In 1914, Hitler was accepted in the military where he sought out somewhere to be taken in by, seeing how he was homeless after trying to get into art school. While in the military Hitler learned a lot and he grew accustomed due to people he was learning from to see Germany as a country that betrayed him and his people, and he did not like the idea of being betrayed. He later then started to be accustomed to Marxist ideas from which he learned from Antwan Drexel. Hitler started to become intrigued by the ideas of having control, which later leads to a long, painful time for many Jews. When Hitler joined a group created by Mr. Drexel called the DAP (later changed to NSDAP), he started to have meeting and people were intrigued by the way he gave speeches. He was arrested because some people felt what he was speaking his mind too much, and it was effecting how people looked at government, but he was strong and he rose to power (“Adolf Hitler Biography”).

During the turmoil that was happening around the time 1914 -1921, Hitler was on the rise of a leader. During World War I Hitler was still a small man in a big world, in order for him to become anything, he had to start somewhere, so he formed groups at rallies and they became his diminutive army against anyone that oppressed him. He was already distributing some oppressive ways early before he became Hitler the Great Dictator. All these rallies and his armies led to Hitler becoming leader of the Nazi party. By him being in rallies and speaking to the people, He had established a certain type of appeal to a certain audience. Hitler later on in this time took advantage of the fact that the economy was in desperate need of attention, and this helped him win a seat in the Nazi party. He did not seem to care about anything and no one as he itemized the people he was destined to lead. Now as Hitler had the seat in the Nazi Party he had moved on to bigger things. He Moved on to the Third Reich in which he also controlled, he was a tyrant already and the world just was not clear of it yet. As he moved along in time The World War II was here, and Hitler dominated that also. He invaded Poland and took over not only the land but the people. He let his soldiers beat the people, kill the...
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