Henry Tam and Mgi Assignment

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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1. What is your evaluation of the MGI team’s process? What were the root causes of the team’s process problems?

My initial evaluation of the MGI team’s process is it lacks central overall leadership, accountability, unity and cooperation amongst the 7 team members. Although the team is studded with more than enough talent to design and market their “highly potential product” which is a software that enables a person to play as well as learn music, the team seldom concludes on a mutual decision that benefits the team as a whole. The root causes of the teams process problems were the following * Cultural diversity which resulted in differences of opinions amongst Sasha and Henry, Dana, Cultural diversity amongst Sasha and the owners themselves as they thought he was Americanized and didn’t speak their native language all the time * Lack of overall leadership was another vital area where the MGI team fell short. This was clearly visible when the argument of “which way the product ought to be marketed”? came into light . * Lack of unity at a time when unity and bond were imperative resulted in being one of the main concerns * Lack of Role allotment was a crucial problem that was hampering the progress of the team as some of the team members didn’t know their exact specific role in the team, some were never made to work E.g. Dav and some didn’t limit themselves to their job and were a distraction to other members of the team E.g. Sasha * Lack of effective communication between each and every team member of the MGI team could quite possibly be the main root cause of all the problems that they faced.

2. What were the strengths of the MGI team? How would you have evaluated the MGI team “on paper,” that is, before their first meeting?

The strength of the MGI team were their individual talents at...
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