Henry Pu Yi

Topics: Qing Dynasty, Puyi, China Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Cristina FilingeriMs.Caruana
10/7/11 Period 4
My Birthday: February 12th
My birthday is February 12th. Many important events occurred on my birthday, but one event struck me as being the most important, and that was the start of The Republic of China and Xuantong Emperor of the Manchu Qing Dynasty’s abdication. This is important because it was lead by the rebellion of China wanting to be a Republic Party country. After the rebellion where did China stand? China became advanced in many ways that it wasn’t before. This occurrence effected not only china but The Last Emperor the Manchu Qing Dynasty Henry Puyi. In 1908 Henry Pu Yi became Emperor of China in the Manchu Qing Dynasty The Chinese were not able to vote or have any rights. China’s trading between European nations increased. Due to the lack in supply that the British and French wanted, the increase of Opium importation occurred. China wanted to ban Opium trade. Because of this, in 1838 the Opium War Began. Ending in 1842, the Opium war led to the signing of the Treaty of Nanking in 1842, which was to open Chinese ports and give up Hong Kong to the British. Refusing to sign this, China’s dispute led to the Second Opium War which lasted from 1856-1860. Opening more ports to Europe the Treaty of Tianjin was established in 1858. These events all weakened the Chinese army causing downfall of the Manchu Qing Dynasty. On October 10th 1911, the troops of Wuchang and the angry people of China rebelled, starting the Xinhai Revolution. In 1912 Henry Pu Yi was abdicated when the Manchu Qing Dynasty collapsed completely. Henry Pu Yi became the last Emperor of the Manchu Qin Dynasty where as China became a republican country.

The Republic of China had such an impact on China its self both politically and socially. What China lacked the most at the time was political insight. They had not been able to vote. The...
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