Henry Miller

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Hello everyone

Today I am going to tell you about one of my favorite writers, and he is not only a writer, he was an Artist with a capital letter. His name is Henry Miller. For me it is always extremely hard to talk about things i love, about people i love. Because it is extremely hard to describe and explain why you love one or another thing. That's why i want to say sorry for probably not acceptable contents of my presentation. It was very hard for me to find a necessary structure for the PP presentation, therefore i have confined myself just to show some pictures that are of course very important.

I don’t want to sound insincerely but Mr Miller influenced me a lot. He is some kind of teacher i’ve never seen.

Before i start i’d like to quote himself and then his daughter Valentine.

I see myself forever and ever as the ridiculous man, the lonely soul, the wanderer, the restless frustrated artist, the man in love with love, always in search of the absolute, always seeking the unattainable” I want you to understand how he saw himself in this world.

He truly enjoyed life and made the world a better place by his wholehearted embrace of the world. He was tolerant, kind, inspiring, droll, genuine, loving, intelligent, thoughtful, a wonderful combination of many talents, humble as well as proud - That’s how his daughter Valentine sees him.

Henry V. Miller was born December 26, 1891 in Yorkville, NYC. His parents were from Germany, his mother from the north, his father from Bavaria. He lived in Brooklyn during his school years. Tried working in his father’s tailor shop, here he developed his love of fine clothes. He was always a dapper dresser. He briefly—for only one semester—attended the City College of New York

His first wife was Beatrice Sylvas Wickens, whom he married in 1917. During 1928/29, Miller spent several months in Paris with his second wife, June Edith Smith (June Miller). In 1930 he moved to Paris unaccompanied, and he...
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