Henry Lawson Techniques

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  • Published : March 27, 2012
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Technique Table
Henry Lawson Short Stories

The Drover’s Wife

Technique| Example| Effect|
Setting| ‘’The bush consists of stunted, rotten … trees’’| Introduces the area that the character/author is experiencing first hand.| Repetition| ‘’Snake! Mother, here’s a snake!’’| Responder would feel the urgency and the traumatising experience that the character is going through. | Colloquial Language| ‘’Mummy! Tommy’s skinnin’ me alive wif his club’’| Presents to the responder that the kids are still young and immature to be handling these kind of situations.| Colour Imagery| ‘’Black, yellow-eyed dog’’| Describes the dog like a mutant, as if it’s a terrifying out of the normal dog| Personification| ‘’Thunder rolls in’’| As it is followed by ‘’rain comes down’’ it is given the image of a storm is coming| Hyperbole| ‘’Tommy, who worked like a little hero by her side’’| Shows that even the little kids are working as hard as her| Personification| ‘’drops of sooty… her forehead’’| Emphasises that she works so hard until her sweat drops look like they’re standing up.| Onomatopoeia| ‘’Bung! The crows leave..’’| Represents the sound of a gun| Irony| ‘’she loves her children, but has…harsh to them’’| Gives the effect of her being those strong women type and doesn’t show affection.| Imagery| ‘’He is not… hair will not grow’’| Describes how the dog looks, gives the audience a vivid image|

In A Dry Season

Technique| Example| Effect|
Setting| ‘’railway town consists… distance’’| Describes what is in the surrounding and what could consist in the story| Imagery| ‘’a small, oblong … twist in another’’| Describes the imperfections of the building, sets the scene| Simile/Colloquial/Vernacular| ‘’He was dressed like a bush larrikin’’| Sets the scene, creates a relaxed | Colloquial Language| “Ungroomed hacks” p. 37| Setting the scene as relaxed Australian outback.| Vernacular| “ten quid” p. 39| Sets the...
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