Henry Lawson

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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Henry Lawson’s collection of short stories uses techniques such as humour and imagery to convey his message to the responder, he is known for his talented writing and truthfulness. Texts such as the drover’s wife and the loaded dog convey this. Other texts also use similar techniques to covey there idea’s including an anonymous tale ‘Bold Jack Donahoe’ and Barbara Baynton’s ‘The chosen Vessel’.

‘The Drovers Wife’ is a tale of an unnamed woman, the drover’s wife, who is alone with her children when the family encounters a snake “Nineteen miles to the nearest sign of civilisation”. She proceeded to stays up all night and wait for the snake to emerge, while she reminisces about her past. Lawson’s main purpose in the drover’s wife is actually to inform the responder about bush life and the characteristics the woman, and her will to survive in the bush alone. It conveys this message while entertaining us with the story about the snake.

Lawson uses many techniques to convey his massage through out this story. Imagery is used often as well as hyperbole’s such also in the line “carrying a stick bigger than himself” He also uses anecdotes to tell past stories, which enhance the main story. “She had prayed… God sent Black Mary.” They also show her humorous side. Personification is used to shows her sense of control and leadership “She lays her hand on the dog’s head, and all the fierce, angry light dies out of his yellow eyes”. Also Onomatopoeia is used to give a dramatic sense to the story with the repeated word ‘Thud, Thud’. The line “Worn-out breast” is a metaphor yet also symbolic of the hardship that she faces symbolism is again used with her killing the snake in the end, which is symbolic of her survival against the odds The language used in Lawson’s stories was slang and colloquial, usually non-emotive. The drovers wife was comprised of many short paragraphs, except one – the killing of the snake, this is effective is causing a dramatic reaction from the...
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