Henry Kissinger's Secret Trip to China

Topics: People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai Pages: 4 (1515 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Henry Kissinger’s Secret Trips to China
Henry Kissinger was a significant figure in many affairs that occurred during Richard Nixon’s and Gerald Ford’s terms in office. He was a reliable negotiator for, the often shy, Nixon. Perhaps, one of his greatest feats was his involvement in the Asian détente. This involved many negotiations with several Nations including Vietnam, Russia and, the subject of my project, China. Nixon is often credited with the accomplishment of opening China to the Western world and Kissinger’s name is sometimes forgotten in the history books. Nixon went on a much publicised trip to Beijing in 1972, but it was Kissinger’s string of under-the-radar trips before this which made this landmark visit possible. Originally, Pakistan and Romania were to be used to channel Sino-American negotiations due to the fact that they were believed to have contact with China. It was indeed through Pakistan that contact was recieved from Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. A message had been sent to China by Kissinger in the winter of 1971 and he was left waiting for a reply. A huge factor taken into consideration was the Taiwan issue. If the USA was to openly begin nogiations with China, US relations with Taiwan may have been tarnished. Rumours were strenoulously denied, by Nixon's administration, that the Americans' only interest in Chinese negotiations was to exploit Sino-Russian clashes. They had “no intention of taking sides”, Kissinger stated in his memoirs. Meetings were held with Chinese representatives in the Chinese embassy in Warsaw. After numerous meetings, They were taken by surprise by an “extraordinary conciliatory statement,” as Kissinger put it, - a proposal was accepted to send an emissary to Beijing, China. This was a huge breakthrough.

The Pakistani channel, as mentioned, was to be the main route of communication. Kissinger's friend, who resided in Paris, occasionally seen, Huang Cheng, the Chinese ambassodor to France, socially. Kissinger urged...
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