Henry Hudson

Topics: Henry Hudson, Age of Discovery, Hudson Bay Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Henry Hudson was a good sea man. In 1565 Henry Hudson was born in London, England. Henry Hudson came from a wealthy family. His grandfather was also named Henry Hudson. There is little information about the early life of Henry Hudson. He would have been well educated and would have studied navigation, astronomy, mathematics and seamanship in his early life.

Hudson was on three voyages to try and find the Northeast passage. The first voyage The Muscovy Company financed the expedition and provided a ship called the Hopewell for the expedition. The Hopewell was a small, old ship. There were only about 20 crew members

Hudsons next voyage was in 1609 he traveled to New York and Maine. This ship was named the Half Moon. He traveled past Norway and towards Russia. Henry was forced to turn back to England.

The second voyage was in 1610-1611 He traveled to Canada. The other ship was the Discovery. I think he was a very good explorer, he loved to explore.

Some of the things Henry Hudson would use during his voyages were bells, ropes, maps, compasses, and telescopes. He used these tools in both his voyages. The Half Moon and the Discovery were both small ships, about 80 tons, and carried less than twenty crew. The length of these ship were about 80 feet. The sails of these ships would have been 2500 feet.

One of the reasons Henry Hudson is famous is because he claimed land for the Dutch and the English. On Hudson’s first voyage the English funded it. His second voyage he was sailing for the Dutch Trading Company.

On Henry Hudson’s final journey from England in 1610, he again headed northwest towards Canada, this time on the ship Discovery. On his this voyage conditions were so bad that his crew of about 20 men threatened to mutiny. In November 1610, the Discovery became locked in ice in Hudson Bay. The crew wanted to go back to England but Hudson did not. Henry Hudson, his son and 7 other men went out on a small boat and never...
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