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Henry Ford

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The Motorcity Mastermind:
Henry Ford

“My aim in life is to sell more of our products at the lowest price and to employ more men at good wages.” This quote embodies the spirit that drove Henry Ford to greatness. He never strayed far from this philosophy, although he was tempted from time to time by other endeavors. The desire to sell more products at the lowest price is what ultimately led to his great success and his most important contribution to the Industrial Revolution. Henry Ford was the average, right man, in the right place and time. 1. Mary Ford gave birth to Henry on July 30th, 1863 on a farm near Dearborn, Mi. Her husband, William was thrilled that his first child was a son, who would be of great use on his prosperous farm. Unfortunately, his elation was short-lived. At a very young age, it became clear that his eldest son had no interest in farming. In addition, he was a poor student, who never learned to spell or write coherently. His reading ability was minimal at best. From the earliest time of which there is any record he was a master of mechanical logic: from a glance at any machine he...

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