Henry Ford

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Speech for Henry Ford presentation

Chiara Slide 1: When Henry Ford Invented the assembly line he changed the entire factory industry he made an extremely long process into a quick sharp exercise, Henry got the idea from one of his workers who in turn go the idea from a pig dis-assembly line, the worker saw who each person would do only one job in the chain but by the end of the line each part of the pig had been taken out. The invention of the assembly line was and is still monumental to the motor industry. The model T car was the first of Fords many models, this car because of the assembly line was able to become the first mass produced car ever, the car also because of the assembly line was able to be sold at a reasonable price making it affordable for most Americans at the time, the car is most notable for only being available in one colour, black, this was because black was the cheapest and quickest drying paint at the time.

Marta Slide 2: Henry Ford had strong anti Semitic views. Ford for many years sponsored a newspaper that had a very strong anti Semitic view. Ford published three pieces of writing during the 1920’s titled ‘The International Jew, The worlds foremost problem’. These works came in three volumes, these publications became very popular in Germany at the time because of the rise of the Nazi party at the time, he even received compliments from high ranking Nazi officials including Hitler himself  "only a single great man, Ford, who, to the Jews' fury, still maintains full independence...from the controlling masters of the producers in a nation of one hundred and twenty millions." Speaking to a Detroit newspaper in 1931 Hitler was quoted as saying that Ford was an Inspiration. In 1924 Ford received the ‘Grand cross of the German Eagle’ only bestowed to people helping the Nazi cause from overseas.

Fraser Slide 3: The Ford motor company was the first motor company to mass-produce any car; they were able to do this by the invention of the...
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