Henry David Thoreau

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Henry David Thoreau
"Simplify! was Thoreau's motto" in his life (Stanley 20). He showed people how to live simple life by living a simple life in Walden. Due to Thoreau's efforts and works on nature people considers a nature an important part in their lives, as a result nature became one of the top topics in 21st century.

Henry David Thoreau was born on July 12, 1817, in Concord, Massachusetts (Meltzer 11). His parents were John Thoreau and Cynthia Dunbar Thoreau (12). Henry had three siblings named Helen, John Jr. and Sophia (12). The Thoreau family continuously moved to different places in search for better living conditions (11). Henry's father John had difficulties finding a job (13). He eventually started a very famous pencil making business (13).

Henry's parents named him David Henry Thoreau, "after his uncle David Thoreau" (Stanley 16). Thoreau changed his name to Henry David Thoreau (Olson 14). He changed his name because "people called him Henry" (Stanley 16).

Henry and his siblings went to same school (Stanley 16). First, they went to school called "Concord's Public Grammar School" (16). At his school all students for all grades, "sat together on hard benches" (16). Although Henry's family could not really afford a private school, Henry still went to private school named "Concord academy" (16). He went to Concord academy from age eleven until sixteen (16). He was very quite child at school, as he often did not play games with children (Olson 30). Henry had many nicknames like "Judge" and "the fine scholar with big nose" (30-32). These nicknames came from children at his school because he did not join in their play (30-32).

Since he was born, he was very interested in nature and natural phenomena (Olson 33). At age eleven, he wrote famous piece of writing about seasons (Meltzer 15). The writing about the seasons stated like this: The Seasons

Why do the seasons change? And Why
Does Winter's stormy brow appear?
Is it the word of him on high?
Who rules the changing varied year? (15)
Henry went to Harvard University for college education (Olson 34). He was not interested in going to college as he barely passes his entrance exams for Harvard; he thought he might work as a carpenter (34). In college, his interest in writing and poetry grew especially with poems of English poets such John Milton, William Shakespeare and Geoffrey Chaucer (35). In Harvard university, William Ellery Channing became Henry's one of the best friend (35). Later Henry realized that William Ellery Channing was the one who helped him towards his writing (35). In college, Henry started to read many books from college library (Stanley 17). On August 30, 1837, Henry graduated from Harvard University (Olson 37).

After graduating from Harvard University Henry did not knew what to do for living (Stanley 18). He was usually was call upon to do land surveying but he thought it was not a great profession although he had a skill to do land surveying (17). Ralph Waldo Emerson was Henry's great friend and mentor as Henry got many ideas from Emerson towards his writing (Olson 9). Emerson also allowed Henry to live in his house until Henry has some job to do (Stanley 18). While living with Emerson, Henry was introduced to," Concord's elite circle of writers and philosophers" (18). While living with Emerson, Henry thought, he needed to do something in order for living so he did, "odd jobs like gardening and fence mending" (8). Emerson held informal meeting at his house in which the group of writers and philosophers were welcomed to attend (Olson 27). Henry was also present during these meetings (27). Transcendentalists were the people who used to attend these meeting (Stanley 18). They talked about topics such as political, cultural and regional etc (Olson 27). These Transcendentalists were concerned about, "society's materialism" (Stanley 18). "They believed each person is born with an inner voice, or conscience, and those who live...
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