Henry and Bee

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Mother Pages: 4 (1600 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Speech: “Henry and Bee”
By Annabelle Micallef 11.03

What if you were adopted? What if your own mother didn’t want you? How would you feel? Good morning/ Afternoon Students and Mrs Barrett- Brown. Today i will be evaluating the documentary of "Henry and Bee". These questions reflect on year twelves understanding of the values of belonging and not belonging. These questions also reflect on what has happened throughout Bee King’s life. The concept of belonging is essential in our lives as it brings about acceptance and connection to a person, group or place. Bee King is a hardworking Aboriginal woman who was removed from her mother at birth. As a teenager, Bee was brought up in a white family. Throughout her childhood she always felt isolated and out of place. She felt like she didn’t belong. Bee King set out to find and reconnect with her birth parents. It was no easy search and eventually she tracked down her mother and father. After rejection was replaced by hope a whole new world opened for Bee when she re-established a relationship with her father, Henry. So as I connect belonging to the story of Henry and Bee, consider these questions, and why Henry and Bee should become a prescribed text for the Board of Studies.

According to the Board of Studies the area of study requires students to explore the ways in which the concept of belonging is represented in and through texts. Henry and Bee is a prime example of a prescribed text Board of Studies should use, as the perceptions and ideas of belonging are seen through such critical incidents such as her childhood, her adolescent years and her adulthood. These major events have affected Bee King’s life as she moved from transitions from not belonging-to-belonging.

Throughout the documentary, Bee King restates the various major events that arise in her life. The first scenes that open the documentary establish the location and set the mood for the topic of discussion. Bee is placed on a beach captured a long...
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