Hemorrhoid Problems

Topics: Hemorrhoid, Blood, Defecation Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are a very common disorder affects approximately 50% of Americans. They may also be called piles and are seldom serious. Although they are very bothersome and may cause pain, they are relatively simple to clear and avoid. Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins that occur in or around the anus or rectum which cause hemorrhoid pain. They are identified by small bumps or knots and can be either external or internal. Internal hemorrhoids cannot be seen as they are inside the body. Hemorrhoids are painful if there are complications that arise with them. If a hemorrhoid thrombosis occurs, it may cause severe pain and require medical aide. Hemorrhoid thrombosis is essentially a clot in the blood vessel that would restrict the passage of blood from one location to the other. Hemorrhoids may also cause external or internal bleeding. External bleeding can be noticed by spotting in the underwear, while internal bleeding can be recognized by red blood in the stool. Hemorrhoids can also be both painful and uncomfortable if it causes itching. Itching is caused by external hemorrhoids that are in areas that are moist and irritated. Profuse scratching of the area may cause in increase in pain and increased irritation of the skin. Although hemorrhoids are uncomfortable and unwanted, they do not cause cancer and can order to know if you have a hemorrhoid, it is important to know and understand the symptoms that are associated with it. Bleeding during bowel movement, itching, and rectal discomfort are the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids seep mucus and cause a moist area that will cause an itching sensation. Rectal pain is also a symptom that is recognizable. Although internal hemorrhoids are not usually painful, external hemorrhoids can be very painful. Usually, the larger the external hemorrhoids, the more painful it is. One of the most visible ways of recognizing hemorrhoids is bleeding from the anus. Bleeding is a very clear signal that there is...
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