Hemingway's Story, "Big Two-Hearted River."

Topics: Sherman Alexie, The Lone Ranger, Spokane people Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: September 12, 2010
In the story titled, Jesus Christ’s Half-Brother is Alive and well on the Spokane Indian Reservation, Victor, which of who is the main character has written a journal about a point in his life after saving a baby boy’s life and having to care for the child practically by himself. At first, Victor had no idea how to take care of the child he was not very happy about it either. The child’s grandfather says that since Victor saved the boy and the child’s parents died in their home fire Victor was to take care of the child. Victor feels as if that is just a way for the grandfather to get out of taking care of the child. At the time of the child’s birth, his mother gave him a name but Victor was unable to say the name so Victor as well as everybody else called him James.

As you read this story/journal, it really gives you a perception of Victor. In this book, there are stories that describe Victor as just another boozing Indian. Victor is constantly trying to stop his drinking but fails each time. He seemed to continuously care about others and help his friends more than he did for himself. In spite of this, there seemed to be a part of him that just did not care at all. Yet, when baby James became a part of his life, all of that seemed to change. Victor has a child that depends on him for everything all of a sudden. Baby James turns into Victor’s life and a reason to keep going. Although Victor still drinks, he always has his mind set on James. Then comes the year 1971, Victor finally grasps just how sad he real is. Victor writes, “So much time alone with a bottle of one kind or another and James…” (Alexie, pg. 122 para. 1). Which also ends up being the year a fellow by the name of Jesse Wildshoe dies; it is at that point in time Victor makes the decision to go to an A.A. meeting to become sober. After having the rough life that Victor had, I think the obstacles and situations that Victor went through will let him be a better dad (because lord knows that is...
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