Helth and Social Care

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  • Published: April 29, 2013
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Key Aspects Of Health and Safety
Understanding, learning and teaching strategies COSSH (control of substances hazards to health). When dealing a care home I would start with risk assessments, fire procedure, handling core users and em ployees job descriptions.

Equility & Diversity

Equlity- Mr Karn, enters a care home for the first time as he has no family left to look after him. My first priority is to put Mr Karn at ease and to find out what his he likes and dislikes are. To do this I would sit and listen to his needs and put all the information into a diary, which will be kept in his room for reflection for him and the carer to monitor and add as we go along.. This information I would be asking about would asking, what help he needs in getting washed and dressed, (ie) sari whether he can do this on his own or needs help. This shows Mr Karn respect. We would also ask about what food he likes, hobbies, religion. Diversify in a care home ,we learn to welcome Ramadan,/Chinese new year / St Patricks day and other celebrations for the different nationalities. We can do this by dressing the room up by posters or pictures and putting a buffet of Chinese foods for everyone to try.

Own Role and Responsibility

My first objective is to interview each person by giving them a numerously and literacy test. This will indentify each individuals needs. There are 3 main areas of learning. Kinaesthetic which is learn by doing, hands on and role plays, Visual tend to learn by visual ie, pictures, films watching and observing and Auditory which is words and good listeners, follow verbal instructions. By doing this you are aware of any individuals needs, or you may have to refer them to a another agency. The next is to access the room you will be working in, the light in the room, where the equipment is and the best place to put it. Things like table and chairs, white boards, charts and stands.. Preparing you work when entering your class, paperwork for...
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