Helping Youths Established Healthy Habits of Exercise and Diet

Topics: Obesity, Cardiovascular disease, Overweight Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: August 6, 2012
The National Institute of Nursing Researches
Changing practices, Changing lives:
10 Landmark Research Nursing Studies


by: Dr. Joanne Harrell
(professor at the University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill, is the principal investigator for the NINR-funded Cardiovascular Health in Children and Youth studies.)


Cardiovascular disease is the class of diseases that involve the heart orblood vessels (arteries and veins) .It usually strikes adults( 40 years of age).Physical inactivity are ona major risk factor of CVD.Due to physical inactivity and poor nutrition, the rates of obesity and overweight among children are increasing.Children are increasingly found having hypertension and elevated cholesterol at a very young age.Smoking also tends during adolescence stage that surely affects our body..We can foster our healthy lifestyle pattern to prevent the early development of CVD.

Dr. Joanne Harrell developed education and exercise program that focuses on enhancing physical activities and reducing long-term cardiovascular risks for uses across North Carolina.In this program the children were given the importance of exercise, selecting heart healthy foods and the danger of smoking.they also participated in different physical activities such as dancing, aerobics and other physical activities that concerns with the cardiovasccular.Because of this activities they lowered their cholesterol and body fats and had a smaller rise in their diastolic blood pressure.Through this simple activities it could help us from having CVD. The results of these studies indicate a need to place emphasis within elementary and middle schools on health and physical activity to reduce the long-term risks of CVD.We must help each other especially ourselves in finding ways to increase...
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