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In these present times, all organizations have their own system on how they deal with their day to day activities in running their business. It helps not just by increasing their performances but as well as the satisfaction, and positive feedbacks from their customers. With the help of this latest technology gadgets and stuff, the transaction that can be made in a company is through the internet connection or via World Wide Web. By using an Online Transaction Processing System in a website, the manual transaction that any company uses before can be replaced by this system which is easier than doing the manual procedures. People invented and gathered techniques that will provide convenience and improve the people’s style of living. Nowadays, many things exist that are interfaced with the computers and they become very useful. The introduction of modern technology and equipment is not easy. Difficulties as well as problems accompany them especially when proper training and knowledge about the technology of the system has been granted. The computer as everyone knows has a powerful capability, so whatever is integrated with it will also adopt its attributes. Today’s application, computer programs are essential to be used by the company in their daily works. Having their own computer system will help their works easier and having their own websites will help them grow. Transaction processing is a type that takes place in the presence of a computer user. It allows for an immediate response to a user request. When a large number of transactions are taken and then stored to be dealt with at a later time, the process is known as batch processing. Every business has to deal with some form of transactions. How a company decides to manage these transactions can be an important factor in its success. As a business grows, its number of transactions usually grows as well. Careful planning must be done in order to ensure that transaction management does not become too complex. Transaction processing is a tool that can help growing businesses deal with their increasing number of transactions. One place where transaction processing has made a big splash is through the Internet. The advent of online technology has made the international distribution of goods and information a quick and often simple process. Customers have grown accustomed to placing orders online. With all these ideas of complexity, the developer is able to develop a project meant to solve one of the causes of poor transaction of the customer and manager of King Kerwin Apartelle and Transient House. The developer realizes that King Kerwin Apartelle and Transient House establishment needs a wide sophisticated method of doing multiple tasks with much efficiency during their entire working hours. The computerized method with a few manual procedures like encoding improves the efficiency and consistency of tasks being done by the assigned staff. The developer decides to create a transaction processing web page that will manage the schedule of times and dates for certain transaction and shall lessen the possible conflicts.

1.1 Background of the Project
King Kerwin web page is made for King Kerwin Apartelle and Transient House for an easy management and organization of information and for an easy transaction between the user/manager and client. It is an online advertisement and transaction processing system website which can promote the rooms of King Kerwin Apartelle to the interested customers with an online reservation form or an online reservation process. It contains different rooms, photos, highlights, development plan and the lot prices and inventories. The web page can filter new reservations and automatically save into the database and send to the admin E-mail address and user’s E-mail address. The system can view all reservations in tabular and can also search reservations by name or by date. It can also delete a reservation in...
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