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The way I plan on giving back to my community is to help educate some of the kids and people that aren’t as lucky as I am. Some ways that I will be giving back to my community is by doing a lot of community service. Helping feed the homeless, helping some kids with their homework so they can possibly have the some of the same education I had, and just volunteering some of my time to help the needy. I believe that if kids have an equal opportunity to learn then they will be able to possibly succeed in life. Some kids don’t have that opportunity and they end up in jail or possibly in prison off of a dumb decision that they decided to make. If some kids had a proper role model in their life that told them from right to wrong then we would have a much better society. I’m proud to say that I have those kinds of role models in my life because without them I don’t know where I’d be. Becoming a role model to a young kid is a perfect way of giving back to the community. If he has any kinds of problems he can just ask you and you can lead him towards the correct path. I believe that I can and I will fulfill the CCEDC’s mission to educate and help give back to my community no matter if I receive the scholarship or I don’t. Being a big help in your community should be something that you want to do and not something that you may be forced to do. If you are ever able to give back to your community then you should take the opportunity to do so. Because some people may not be as blessed as you.
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