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Tap Paper
3rd quarter
TAP Paper
The opportunity of being a tap student for Mrs. Teberg’s fourth grade class has been an amazing experience for me so far. It is an experience I feel each student in our high school should consider. To many it will boost their self confidence in being around a younger group of people, as well as creating a mind set of helping others succeed. When I was in first grade I remember a similar experience where I was able to team up with a mentor as well as my whole class. I remember seeing my mentor as a person of strength and someone I could look to for help with my work. It was very valuable to me as a youngster.

As a tap student, I am able to help students with schoolwork and help them enjoy school when they are feeling down. Just the other week I was able to lift this kid up emotionally as he was very stressed about his schoolwork which was due the next day. It was good for me to be able to do that.

I am also able to help Mrs. Teberg with her duties as a teacher. For instance, I helped her file papers, grade papers, decorate the class room, and take down decorations as well. On some occasions I even shared treats with the class.

Some things that I have observed while tapping for my tap grade are in a way very simple; the first being your smile. I’ve observed that a smile can brighten up anyone’s day. It also reminded me that when any human smiles it releases a chemical in one’s body that creates a happy scene of attitude in them. To a young kid, such as a fourth grader, looking up to an older person as a leader is a gigantic help to them and their life.

Some things I’ve learned about myself include my ability to put myself in their shoes. As they struggle with their work, I remember how I needed help with my homework. I’ve learned that it is to my benefit along with the students’ benefit to get down to their level. By this I mean actually squatting down and seeing them eye to eye. What that does for any person...
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