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Michelle Obama and Ann Romney 2012 Convention Speech

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney may have many similarities but they also have many differences. Romney was a stay at home mom while Obama worked at a law firm and cared for two daughters. Romney has dealt with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis where Obama is in great health. Obama and Romney both care and love their families and are a great support system for them.

Ann Romney is the wife of presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Together they have five children. Romney earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Brigham Young University in 1975. Romney was diagnosed with MS in 1998 and breast cancer 2008. Ann Romney also converted from Episcopalism to Mormonism before she married her husband in 1969. Romney has supported all of her husband’s political ventures by making appearances and giving speeches. Romney’s recent speech was the 2012 Republican National Convention speech held in Tampa, Florida. In her speech Romney talks mostly about love. The beginning of Romney’s speech sets a loving caring and sympathetic tone while talking about the struggling families and her love for her husband. Romney then goes on to talk about women and their role in society. She praises women for all they do and for what they contribute to society while also complaining about how it’s not easy. Romney turns the attention back to her husband for a very brief moment as Romney begins telling her families story. Throughout the rest of her speech she talks about her husband’s values and why he would make a great president. Ann Romney’s 2012 RNC speech was very entertaining and “cute”. Romney could have focused more on the actual issues and how her husband was going to try and help change them. She also could have made the stories she told somehow relate to her speech. Ann Romney was trying to keep her audience’s attention with all the stories she was telling. Overall Ann Romney’s speech was not very informing like Michelle Obama’s...
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