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Endangered Species
Endangered Species

Autumn Coleman
Period 4/5

Autumn Coleman
Period 4/5

Throughout the years the number of species being classified as endangered has increased. As the human population and their contributions to Earth increase the endangered species list becomes longer. In order to stop the list from extending we must reduce threats towards species, defend and strengthen protection acts, and develop and support recovery plans. Species are being classified as threatened, endangered, and extinct due to the destruction of their habitats, the introduction of foreign species, overexploitation, and pollution (APSCA Kids, 2012).

Species are considered endangered when they’re native to a certain place and face high risk of becoming extinct in the close future. They are added to the list of endangered species by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Petitions are sent in, reviewed, and approved or dismissed based on scientific evidence (APSCA Kids, 2012). Although many species are recognized, they often miss smaller species due to the lack of knowledge of them being threatened or the overlooking of them.

The Endangered Species Preservation Act was signed by President Nixon, banning the killing or threatening of species on the endangered list. This Act wasn’t giving enough protection so it later was changed to the Endangered Species Act. “This provided additional protection by prohibiting the importation and sale of endangered species in the United States” (Net Industries Staff, 2013). This act depends on the Linnaean classification system. “In order to establish legislative protection for habitats, communities, or ecosystems, classification systems for these ecological units must be developed” (Orains, 1993, p. 207). Unfortunately, many species will not be saved or protected because they are overlooked or forgotten. “Species are made aware to the United States Fish and Wildlife service on the basis of the most accurate scientific data available to them. This Act was started to protect species and the ecosystem they as well as we depend on” (Hoekstra, Clark, Fagan, & Boersman, 2002).

One reason the number of endangered species are increasing is because the human population is continuing to grow. In results of the human population increasing, species habitats are being destroyed. “Roads, parking lots, land for farming, houses, businesses, and schools all take up space that was or still can be used for the habitat of species. Roads give animals the dilemma of crossing the street. If animals can’t move around, they tend to run out of food faster or have a hard time finding mates, which stops reproduction causing them to die off” (National Wildlife Federation Organization, 1996).

“Areas such as rain forests and wetlands are being destroyed or polluted by humans, leaving species with no place to live or contaminated living space. By destroying the thin bands of rain forest around the equator, we are endangering and exterminating countless numbers of plant and animal species. About half of the animals listed as endangered or threatened depend on wetlands “ (APSCA Kids, 2012). Human contributions to the Earth have played a huge role in the classification of endangered species.

In addition to humans pushing species out of their habitat, other species contribute as well. The introduction of foreign species is causing native species to become endangered and sometimes extinct.” Bluebirds, Flycatchers, Red Bellied Woodpeckers, Northern Flickers, Tree Swallows, and Purple Martins all were native to New York city but were pushed out by the introduction of starlings. Eugene Scheiffer released eighty Asian Starlings from Europe in New York’s Central Park”. These birds caused the native birds to have to find new food as well as a place to live (APSCA Kids, 2012). When struggling to find another habitat many became classified as endangered...
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