Help Your Children Live Up to Their Full Potential

Topics: Education, Subroutine, Parent Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: September 16, 2008
Several ways parents can help their children live up to their potential. One of the most important and effective relationships children have in their lives is with their parents. Parental involvement is essential to the early educational development of children. Creating effective learning habits will shape the child's attitude for many years to come. Despite some parents and families desire to provide the best for their children, some are unaware of how to become actively involved. Without consistency at home, children are not given the motivation needed to do well in school. Nevertheless there are several ways that parents can help their children live up to their full potential.

The first way a parent can help their child succeed is through encouragement and positive reinforcement. Many children that have trouble succeeding in school just need a little encouragement and someone to believe in them. A good example of this would be, whenever a child says, “I can't do it." Re-assure them that they can do anything that they put their minds to. Doing this changes the child’s process of approaching the problem. Therefore," I can't do it," turns into, "I can do anything." Positive re-enforcement lets the child know that if my parents believe that I can succeed than I must be doing something correctly. The next step in helping your child live up to their full potential is to create a routine and follow a strategic educational plan. Parents must take an active position in their child’s educational process. For instance, if your child is supposed begins there homework as soon as they return home from school, do not deviate from this routine. Routines provide children with a sense of responsibility, which makes the child accountable for his or her learning experience. Next parents should develop a system with set goals and expectations, so that the child can feels as if they are working towards something important. When a goal is met, it should be acknowledge and...
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