Help the Earth

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Help the Earth

“Be Green”, “Be Environmental”. Slogans like this are posted all around the world. Charity groups also have been promoting this idea for years. But have we been doing this? Do we really know why we are doing this?

Every once in a while, government give out orders banning shops and markets from providing plastic bags to customers, but this doesn't last for a long time. Plastic bags are very popular, because they are cheap, strong, easy to bring around and convenient. But have we ever thought of what will this do to our environment?

Are plastic bags harmful to earth? It turns out that all the free plastic bags we get at shops and grocery stores have a much greater impact to our environment than we thought. They little the landscape, kill wildlife and poison our environment. How are plastic bags harmful to earth? Plastic bags litter the landscape. More then a trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year, and each year more and more bags are ending up littering the environment. Once they are used, most bags go into landfill. Although plastic bags are recyclable, and in some markets they encourage customers to recycle their used bags into a bin, the truth is that only 1% of plastic bags are actually recycled worldwide. When they become litter, plastic bags find it’s way into our waterways, parks, streets, beaches and streams. If they were burned, they give off toxic fumes into the air. Plastic bags also kill wildlife. There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of plastic bags found floating in oceans around the world. About 100,000 animals such as dolphins, whales and penguins are killed every year because of these plastic bags. A lot of animals eat these plastic bags, mistaking them as food, and then choke or gets strangled by these plastic bags. Some animals were dissected to find out what caused their death, and veterinarian found plastic bag remains in their stomach. Thus, plastic bags lying around will harms innocent animals....
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