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Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: October 28, 2010
I offered an old man my seat in the bus last week, and yesterday I offered an old woman my seat, while no-one else budged even an inch (and the were sitting in the seats that are extra for people with handicaps or older people...

I fixed my neighbours computer last weekend, gave them my spare CD Burner and memory chips from my old computer. And I volunteered to run a stand for the schools Advent Market.

If I was to take time out to actually think of all I have done to help people I'm sure I'd find more (not trying to make myself look good here, but it's just one of the things my mother (God rest her soul) always taught us, she always helped other people too.

It's a good feeling when you help someone else and sometimes great friendships come out of it, for example about a year and a half ago, I found 100 Euros on the floor in our company, I could have kept it (100 Euros is a lot of money to find lying around) but being honest, I handed it in, the guy who lost it was delighted (even though he did say it wasn't a case of him being poor - turns out he's loaded...) but through this we became good friends and when I missed my last S-bahn after our Christmas party last year and no way of getting home, he drove me home in his car (it was a divertion of about 90km for him) so it pays to do good (but that shouldn't be the ulterior motive.)
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