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Topics: Susan B. Anthony, Women's rights, Women's suffrage Pages: 4 (1365 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Patrick Farley

English 1A

Dr. Omosupe

April 3, 2013

An Amazing Women

The history mankind is one that has been dominated by patriarchal societies since its begging . we as people even refer to our history as the history of MAN-kind. because of this many extraordinary women are forgotten to history or never even given a chance to live up to their true potential. One of these extraordinary women is Susan B. Anthony, a women who fought and advocated for women’s rights at a time in Americas history where women had little o no rights or privileges when compared to their male counterparts.

Susan Bronwell Anthony was born in West Grove Massachusetts on February 15 1820 to parents Daniel Anthony and Mother Lucy Read(Susan B. Anthony ). Anthony was the second oldest of seven siblings. While with her family Anthony was raised as a Quaker. Quakers are a sect of Christianity who believe and practice a simple life. It was the teachings of the Quaker religion that taught Susan the wrong in Alcohol abuse and Slavery. At the age of three Anthony’s father taught her to read and write, something that most children at the time would never learn to do. In 1826 Susans family moved to battonville New York, a place where Anthony would be introduced to the injustice towards women.

While in Battonvile Anthony was placed into a public school by her father. Not long after her enrolment Anthony was faced with her first real instance of sexual discrimination when her teacher refused to teach her long division due to her gender. After hearing this Anthony’s father was outraged and immediately took her out of that public school and placed her into a group home school. During her time of being homeschooled Susan was taught of a progressive image of womanhood (Susan B. Anthony). While this change was a definite improvement Susan had already been exposed to the gross inequality that women of the time were faced with.

In 1837 Susan B. Anthony was sent to Moulsons Female...
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