Fahrenheit 451

Nick Walker
Mrs. Datz
English 3 Honors
11 Sept. 2010
A Different Future

Picture the future; is it good, bad, terrifying, or spectacular? Ray Bradbury had a prediction back in 1952 about there future. The things he thought, we would laugh at, but it was a reality for him. His future was outrageous with firemen burning houses, and being able to even come near a book. The social lives of the characters are very peculiar. Bradbury Has not quite got the social lives correct. He portrays us today as we were back then. He does not really change our social lives up. He just changes the idea of the way we live. He makes everyone the same kind of person. The main character, Guy Montag, befriends a neighbor named Clarisse, and she is really his only friend. They see each other when he his walking home from work and they have an awkward relationship. Montag really does not have any other friends; he is very anti-social just like everyone else in the story.

Politically, Bradbury was not very accurate. The laws are abnormal, with the burning house and not having the ability to read. They are very cruel and strict laws. If someone were to have a book then your house gets burnt to the ground along with them in it. The way Bradbury made our future sound makes me think of North Korea and that they really have no freedom with that kind of stuff either. Clarisse said to Montag how she was told that “back in the olden days, firemen used to put out fires and not start them.” Montag refused to believe her. The never really knew the past because they were not allowed to read.

Culture played a big role in this book. The characters have now adapted to these ways of not having books or reading books. There are only a few characters, like Montag, that still want to understand books and why people wrote them. The way Bradbury made firemen the opposite of the way they are today is very odd. No one is allowed to own or even have a book. Captain Beatty said, “A natural...
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