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1. Name the Commission that was constituted by the Union Government on 26 December 2012 to inquire into the different aspects of the brutal rape and assault incident of the girl on 16 December 2012 on the streets of Delhi and was asked to submit the report of its findings within three months? (A) Kalelkar Commission (B) Usha Mehra Commission (C) Narendran Commission (D) Mandal Commission Answer: (B) Usha Mehra Commission 2. Life Time Achievement Award 2012 was conferred to an Indian by Ernst & Young. Name the person who was conferred with the award? (A) Azim Premji (B) Aditya Vikram Birla (C) Gautam Thapar (D) Ratan Tata Answer: (D) Ratan Tata 3. The core of Milky Way is actually cloaked in dust which makes all stars unclear from telescopes of the astronomers, except the brightest stars. But these hypervelocity stars were useful in providing a peep into _________. Fill in the blank with an appropriate option. (A) Deaths of stars in Milky Way (B) Birth of the stars in the universe (C) Deaths of the stars around the Sun (D) Formation of stars in Milky Way Answer: (D) Formation of stars in Milky Way 4. In a major victory, the International Court of Arbitration at The Hague has upheld India's right to divert water from the project which is currently running in Kashmir. The court on Monday, 18 Feb 2013, rejected Pakistan's contention that India was violating the 1960 Indus Waters Treaty in the project in Gurez valley near Bandipura in north Kashmir. In its ‘partial award’ over the 330 MW project, the Court ruled that India would have to maintain a minimum flow in the river, known as Neelum in Pakistan. The rate will be determined by the Court in its final award, which is likely to be delivered by year-end. The ‘partial award’ has “no appeal” and is “binding” on both countries. Can you name the project? (A) Rabi hydro-electric project (B) Beas hydro-electric project (C) Kishenganga hydro-electric project (D) Chenab hydro-electric project Ans: (C) Kishenganga hydro-electric project 5. Thirty Indian software product companies joined hands to form their own new association, marking a break-up with the IT industry body NASSCOM. What is the name of this newly formed association? (A) Indian Software Product Industry Round Table (B) iSpirt (C) Both these are the same (D) None of these Answer: (C) Both these are the same

6. ICICI Bank, the largest private sector bank of India partnered with Aircel to announce the launch of their mobile banking service. What is the name of this mobile banking service? (A) Mobile Money (B) Mobile Market (C) Mobile Finance (D) Mobile Corporate Answer: (A) Mobile Money 7. Who was appointed as the group spokesperson and brand custodian of TATA Group on 6 February 2013? (A) Cyrus Mistry (B) Ratan Tata (C) Manjushree Khaitan (D) Mukund Govind Rajan Answer: (D) Mukund Govind Rajan 8. I&B Ministry Constituted Expert Committee to Review Functioning of Prasar Bharti under the chairmanship of? (A) Sam Pitroda (B) Shekhar Kapur (C) Shri Jawhar Sircar (D) Dr. B.K. Gairola Answer: (A) Sam Pitroda 9. The Union Cabinet of India on 6 February 2013 gave its nod to the proposal of decreasing the headcounts to what number in habitations under the government's flagship programme, Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, PMGSY (A) 125 (B) 140 (C) 100 (D) 200 Answer: (C) 100 10. My India Initiative-A Digital Volunteer Programme was launched by which ministry of the Government of India? (A) Information and Broadcasting Ministry (B) Agricultural Ministry (C) Science and Technology Ministry (D) New and Renewable Energy Answer: (A) Information and Broadcasting Ministry 11. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on 8 February 2013 arranged the first of its kind Live Twitter Conference. What was the theme of the conference? (A) Urban Mobility India (UMI) Conference (B) Community Radio: Road Travelled & Way Forward (C) Climate Change and Sustainable Development Conference (D) Live Twitter Conference

Answer: (B) Community Radio:...
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