Helmets: Life or Liberty?

Topics: Skiing, Snowboarding, Ski Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Helmets: Life or Liberty?
Snow skiing and snowboarding are increasingly gaining popularity as the best form of recreational sports. They give a distinctive sense of freedom and pleasure which not many other sports can offer. Just after taking his first snow skiing lesson Rob Reichenfeld said, “When you’re onto a good thing you stick with it, and like millions around the world I had discovered something undefinably special.” The liberty to cut through an entire mountain as fast or as slowly as possible, to drop off a fifteen feet cliff into a few feet of fluffy snow or to weave a line through trees are just a few reasons so many people are willing to take it to the mountains every year in search of ultimate joy and enthusiasm. Snow sports provide people with an opportunity to express themselves in a different manner by taking risks that they usually avoid in normal activities. Snow sports are gaining popularity by the days. Even movies such as xXx, Agent Cody Banks, a number of James Bond films, just to name a few, have snow skiing scenes in them which are enjoyed by the audience. Now The Olympics also have snow sports. The advertisement media has also taken full benefit of ths sport. Mountain Dew has an entire commercial based solely on snowboarding. Although this sport is gaining popularity among the audiences and people enjoy spending their time in the mountains, these sports are also the cause of increased head injuries.

Generally the number of injuries due to sports is fairly low, about 0.3—6.5 skiers or snowboarders per thousand a day, but if you consider the whole of US there would be thousands of people skiing at the same time. Hence a lot of people are affected. This has raised an issue that should ski resorts allow the skiers complete freedom or should the wearing of a helmet be made mandatory? Helmets have a lot of benefits but they also have some drawbacks as well. They are thought of to be ‘uncool’ and ‘nerdy’. Skiers also say that the wearing...
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