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By | October 2012
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Letters of Recommandation
Dear Sir/Madam:
I am very pleased to recommend Huang Chengcheng for his application of admission into your prestigious university. I am the headmaster of Gaofeng Middle School of Yu Yao city, Zhejiang Province,and I have known him since his entrance to school in 2005, Over the years, I have become well acquainted with him.

He is an enthusiastic and progressive young man with high potentiality. His course performance showed that he had strong logical abilities. Mr. Huang is not only quick at learning and good at solving difficult teaching problems, but also with a logical mind that enables him to effectively analyze difficulties. All the work handed to him was completed satisfactorily. I believe his gift for mathematics will be very beneficial to his future studies and research.

He often participated in extracurricular activities contributing a great deal to school.moreover, he is always ready to help his classmates and frieds with their study, for example, mathematics. Actually, he is very passionate and enthusiatic to help those in need. Once, in his first year in middle school, having heard that one of his classmates suffered from luckemia, Mr Huang embanked on organizing a school donation for the student and organize the classmates to visit him regularly, which really help the patient retrieve his confidence and hope for the life.

What’s more, his six-year experience in boading school provides him with the individual living capacity. I am convinced that he can get used to the university life quickly.

I am certain his diligence, coupled with a good competence and pleasant personality, will assure him of big achievements in your university. I strongly recommend this promising young man and your favorable consideration and assistance to him will be very much appreciated.

Sincerely yours

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