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Topics: God, Good and evil, Puritan Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: February 11, 2013
William Byrd's “The History of the Dividing Line” utilizes a more modern style of writing than Bradford's “Of Plymouth Plantation.” Byrd's humor and sadistic tone permutes his written account, attributing a personality to the words. Bradford on the contrary writes in an objective tone, expressing nearly no emotions. While Byrd writes for others to read, Bradford seems to write for himself. Throughout the account, Byrd consistently attacks the early colonists for being lazy and uncivilized. He degrades their humility by using reasoning satirically. Bradford instead, and speaks highly of the morality of the first colonists by referencing god. Each contains differing style, tone, and purpose in their accounts.

Bradford writes in the plain style, a style characterized by simplicity and clarity of expression. It lacks the figures of speech, lavish descriptions, and classical allusions favored in England at the time. Bradford's sentence structure and word choice read as if he was directly speaking to a person. On page 33, “His name was Samoset.” depicts the simplicity of Bradford's sentences. His account is structured similarly to a journal where he records events that occurred in his life. The straight-forwardness is also evident on page 32, “He went and got a little spice and made him a mess of meat once or twice.” When read, the sentence sounds like a conversation, where points are clearly made. He also includes allusions to the Bible for example, “They cried unto the Lord, and he heard their voice and looked on their adversity.” is a paraphrase of Deuteronomy. This style of writing highlights the culture and beliefs of the Puritans, who promoted a plain and simple lifestyle under god.

Byrd's style is much more flowery utilizing words and phrases. He frequently uses satire to convey his message in his writings. On page 52 he says “ like true Englishmen, they built a church that cost no more than fifty pounds and a tavern that cost five hundred.” uses...
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