Hello Kitty

Topics: New York City, New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: April 16, 2013
1 - Spring Business:
* Goal: Drive Guest Bookings for March/April
* Market Segment Focus: Outer US Residents
* Marketing Objective(s)
* Our Market objectives are to drive spring break business from out of state tourists during the months of March and April. We want them to stay for four nights at one of our three Lowes owned hotels and attend the parks the three days they are there. We want our guests to feel like everything they need is on the Universal Property. Our goal is to appear as the best all inclusive vacation destinations for the value. * Target Market(s)

Our target market is 25-40 men and women. We are targeting couples who will enjoy the nightlife offered by city walk and the Marti Gras Celebration. * Campaign Promotion
* What is your Package/Offer?
* The Package is $225 per night per person. This all inclusive package deal features express passes, hotel stay, meal deal plan, entrance to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, and cover passes for City Walks Nightlife. * How would you promote it?

* Media Plan: What specific Media/Mediums will you use? (ie. TV, Print, Online, Social Media)
-Our media plan would be to use the TV, online, and social media. The age demographic we are targeting are familiar with the internet, especially social media. TV ads would be used to show the nightlife in action. It would also be used to allure people to come to Florida because of the temperature and the overall weather. * 5 publications in which you would run print ads

* The New York Post
* The Star Ledger New Jersey Newspaper
* The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
* Travel and Leisure Magazine
* Vacation and Travel Magazine

* Media Timing: When will you run your ads?
The ads will run six weeks before the expected date guest will be coming in the spring. This would mean running the ad the last week of January. In many states, especially the...
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