Hello Guys It's Sports Day...... by Someone Else

Topics: Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev, Education Pages: 4 (1024 words) Published: December 2, 2012
I feel it a great pleasure to participate as Chief Guest in the 20th Annual-cum-Sports Day of Akal Academy Baru Sahib here today.

Today’s world is very competitive. Mere education will not suffice. Education combined with good, moral character and knowledge with proficiency in sports and extra curricular activities is necessary. Education ignites the minds of youth and it should be knowledge-based and should kindle the thinking process in the youth. Educating more and more rural youth is essential. It should reach the unreached. Qualitative improvement in education suited to the changing scenario is warranted.

Education is a continuous process and starts right from childhood and gradually makes one a leader. It is he teacher who nurtures good conduct and character amongst students. Real education moulds the youth into useful citizens of tomorrow. Inculcating discipline and moral values in the students are necessary. The onerous responsibility of shaping the youth rests with the teachers.

The teachers should stand as role models for the students. The teachers are like Gurus and are next to God.

The Gurukul form of education was prevalent in earlier days. There were lot of restrictions on students and strict discipline was maintained. The Gurus were above all in the society and they received great respect. Now the residential schools provide various avenues for learning. All subjects are taught and students are involved in various extra curricular activities also.

Sports is recreation and the joy of participation, developing skills, regular practice and hard work that makes one to excel in sports. Taking to extra curricular activities is a must for students. It helps one to develop good physique, reduces stress and develops the quality of team spirit. Learning self-confidence, goal-setting and time management are the necessary for a sports person. Concentrate on sports. Rigorous practice and dedication will help you to win laurels to your...
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