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Topics: Manners, Youth, Chairman Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Good afternoon fellow classmates and Madam/Mr Chairman.
The topic for our debate is that young people need to improve their manners. We agree with the definition given by the affirmative team.
However, we the negative team believe that this statement if false. Today as first speaker, I will be talking to you about the evolvement of manners. How life is not as formal as it used to be which has resulted in today’s society to be more laid back. We’ve developed a different idea about how we should behave and how we’re finding some manners aren’t that relevant to our society anymore. Our second speaker Kane will be talking about how criticizing younger people’s manners is an ongoing cycle. Everyone is bought up always being told to improve their manners and how younger people “teenagers” are given a hard time. They are trying to figure out who they are and experiment a lot. Is it important to improve your manners, or find your identity first. Kane also talks about how we should acknowledge teenagers who are polite. It only a small percentage of young people who are mannerless. Our third speaker Michael will then rebut and sum up out team case. The first speaker of the affirmative team has tried to tell you: This is wrong because:

She also said that:
This is wrong because:
This leads me to my first argument. Younger people do not need to improve their manners. In the past a lot of importance was placed on manners. There were even special schools devoted to learning what was polite and proper. So what about today? Have younger people let their manners slip? NO. Society has just developed a different idea of what it means to be ‘polite’. Life is not as formal now as it used to be. So we've developed a different idea about how we should behave. Dinner is not always served at the table. Doors are not always held open for others. At some schools, students no longer have to call their teacher Sir or Madam and some teachers even prefer to be called by their first name!...
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