Topics: Cultural generations, Strauss and Howe, Sociology Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: May 26, 2013
What defines a generation gap?

The generation gap is a natural consequence of life. It is probably the reason why you are often fighting with your parents. They aren’t letting you go out on a weekday or aren’t buying you the latest iPhone and you find yourself constantly using the excuse, “But everyone’s doing it.” Every 30 years or so, rolls around a new generation, the trends, values, beliefs, work ethics all change and we’re left with a bunch of people who don’t understand what the fuck is going on. People need to understand that generation gaps exist and the generation you’re born in has a big impact on your lifestyle. Generations need to understand the gap and their differences and accept the fact that they might not get each other and what that other generation is doing isn’t wrong in any way, it’s just foreign to you. I’ll admit, a few weeks ago I had no idea, nor have I ever heard of, what a generation gap was and I too am guilty of criticizing other generations for things that just seemed weird to me. After reading and watching a few videos about it, I realised that there is a plethora of short stories that really define a generation gap. One of my personal favourites was a short story called Leonard. Leonard is a hard working 50 year old man who stays focused, is always on time and dedicates 100% of himself to his job. But, he doesn’t know much about technology. The narrator is of a younger generation and, unlike Leonard, he is frequently late for work. He grew up around technology and is constantly plugged in, listening to music even while he is at work. They often get tired of each other because of their differences but in the end, the narrator realises: there are things he doesn’t get about Leonard and there are things Leonard doesn’t get about him and that’s just how it is. Leonard has more life experience and can teach him a few things about hard work, dedication, relationships, things that aren’t taken as seriously in younger generations...
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