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CU1512 Contribute to Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

1.1 Make a list of the health and safety procedures and policies in place within your workplace.

| |

1.2 Identify your own responsibility for health and safety in the setting, and who you would report any issues to.

| |

1.3 What is a risk assessment? And how does your setting carry out risk assessments on a daily basis?

|A risk assessment is a careful examination of what may cause harm within a certain area, once the risks and hazards are identified you | |are then able to weigh up whether enough precaution has been taken. The reason a risk assessment must be completed is all people entering| |the area have a right to be protected from harm which has been caused by a failure to take responsible control measures. |

2.1 Explain why a safe yet challenging environment is important for children and young people | |

2.2 Identify the differences between a risk and a hazard
|A hazard is something that could cause harm, this maybe electrical, chemical. The risk is the chance that a hazard may happen these| |are often record high or low, in my setting this may include a child having a toy small enough they could put it in to their mouth | |and choke on it, or a child coming into the setting with an illness as there is a risk they could pass it on. |

|Hazard |Risk |Safety measure/actions | |A child coming in to the nursery setting with|The risk of another child catch the illness |Insure that no child returns to the setting | |a sickness bug, |or a member of staff, and contaminate the |before the 48hr since the last episode of | | |setting |vomiting is up. | |Small toys in baby room, this may include |The risk is a child putting a small item in |Ensure the room is check regularly and | |beads, small Lego etc. |their mouth and choking. |thoroughly, before, after and whilst the | | | |children are present in the room. | |Plug sockets being uncovered and a child |The risk is that the child may receive an |Ensure that all plugs are covered with plug | |touching or trying to put something in there.|electric shock. |socket covers and check these daily to ensure| | | |they are all safe. |

1. Identify non-medical emergencies which may occur at your setting.

2. Describe what you would do in response to the following situations. Remember to follow your settings procedures a) Fire
b) Unauthorised person in the setting
c) Missing child
| |

4.1 Identify the signs and symptoms that might indicate a child is unwell or injured

| |

4.2 Identify circumstances when you should call for urgent medical attention for children

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