Topics: Education, Teacher, Family Pages: 2 (823 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Date of Submission January 14, 2013
Problem Statements:
Paragraph 1
This paragraph should contain five sentences only. Write about your culture, something about your family generation before your parent's generation, how are you connected to the generation prior to your parent's generation, tell us about your parents and siblings, your community when growing up and your current community, and something about yourself. All paragraphs with over five sentences will receive a minus five points per extra sentence. Please only five sentences. A culture was not really told to me the only thing that my sibling and I were told was to not get pregnant before we are married and have a career and to always get a good education. The only thing I know about my grandparent’s generation is that my mother’s parents did not finish elementary and that my father’s mother was held back a grade because of her height. I am very connected to my grandparents, they just do not talk much about their past. I have a little sister, who is 18 years old and a little brother that is 6 years old; the community we grew up in was in the suburbs and was very quiet, the neighbors were friendly and we all got along, we never had break ins because it was a gated community. The community I live in now is the total opposite it is always loud music playing, homes are getting broken into, people are always arguing; I am 21 I am a senior, I am funny, smart, and goofy.

Paragraph 2
Write about your major, why you have chosen the major and what have you done prior to college to prepare for success in your current major. There must be five sentences. Why are you taking this course? Please do not say as an elective. Tell us how it fits into your overall academic goals. All paragraphs with over five will receive a minus five points for each extra sentence. Please only five sentences. My major is Special education. I originally was a elementary schools education major but I had...
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