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Quay Brothers
As a student with very limited knowledge of Film Noir and the Quay Brothers, the retrospective curated by the MoMA offers an extensive insight and knowledge in to the what seemed like at first inaccessible world of filmmaking that was so foreign to me. The Quay Brothers retrospective was very immersion into the fantasy world crafted by the imaginative identical twins. The exhibit relies on variety of mediums that transports the audience into a parallel universe of mystery and subtle almost frightening spectacle overlapping characteristics of Film Noir. The exhibition utilizes video screens, projections, objects, moving image, graphic design pieces, calligraphy, animations and drawings that allows for the departure of reality into a lawless realm that aim to exposes, pay tribute and be completely surrendered by the brother’s life’s work.

Though, well-known mainly in Europe, the retrospective is the second time their works are solely shown in New York, first was the show Décors- a collaboration with Parsons in 2010 showcasing their intricate set design. As this is an important aspect that is often common within their work- the elaborateness of the design and its details that crafts these seemingly disturbed worlds. The world in which they built are reflective of their eclectic knowledge that seemed to conjure their affections towards the Victorian and Gothic surrealist aesthetic. The exhibit of their works often fixes on the nightmare hallucinatory qualities interlaced with psychological themes and narratives that reveals tensions often in contextualizes with literature and graphic art reminiscent of Eastern European.

The qualities that stood out was their exquisite use of puppet and dolls in their animations and stop motion pictures. these puppet pieces are extremely detailed and intricate that harnesses sculptures inherent qualities. However, as the viewers proceed along with the show, there are seats that is set up which reminded me of...
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