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Paragraph Writing:
What is a paragraph?
* A collection of sentences expressing ideas, opinions or beliefs about one main idea * Most paragraphs are indented

What is paragraph unity?

* Has ideas that are related to each other and are presented in a logical order * Every sentence should be related to the main idea in some clear way

What is a topic sentence?

* The main idea of a paragraph is usually stated in the topic sentence * States both the topic and ideas about the topic in the paragraph * First sentence in a paragraph

What are the supporting details in a paragraph?
* Provide support for idea and topic
* Examples or reasons

Orders of organization:

* Chronological (time, order)
* Spatial ( descriptive)
* Emphatic (order of importance or emphasis)
* Cause & effect
* Comparison/ contrast (similarity and differences)

What are transitional words and phrases?
* Signal to reader shifts in the sequence
* Help present ideas in clear organized way
* Clarify relationships between ideas

Literary Devices & Terms

Flashback: the author interrupts the plot of the story to recreate an incident of an earlier time; used to provide additional info to the reader. Foreshadowing: the author provides an indication of future events in the plot Hyperbole: an extravagant exaggeration used for emphasis

Imagery: the use of vivid or figurative language to represent objects, actions or ideas Metaphor: an implied comparison which does NOT use like, or as (john is a pig when he eats) Simile: a comparison of two different things using like or as (the drill buzzed like a high-pitched mosquito) Oxymoron: a combination of words with contradictiory meanings, used deliberately for effect (delicious torment; bitter-sweet; a little bigger...) Personification: a special comparison in which an animal or inanimate object is given human like qualities (death came knocking at my door) Suspense:...
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