Lisa Leslie the One and Only
Shooting dribbling passing Lisa Leslie does them all. Not only can she do all those she also knows how to be a lady and inspires many all over the world. Lisa Leslie followed her dream and look at her now. Her set goals only pushed her half way. Lisa succeeded through hard work, determination, and never giving up. To get a better understanding of Lisa one would start all the way at the beginning. Learning more about Lisa Leslie’s background, accomplishments, and inspiration, would help explain more about Lisa, the person not the basketball player. Forty years ago in California a baby girl name Lisa was born.” Lisa is the daughter of Christen Lauren Leslie, and Walter Leslie” (“Overview”). Such a loving family at fist now expecting spit up and Walter left before Lisa was born. Lisa took the spot of the middle child. As stated in the article “Lisa Leslie,” “Donnie is five years older than Lisa but Tiffany is eight years younger”. Lisa’s mom now a single mother, made sure she could take care of them even if she went away for a long amount of time. Taking up trucking, Lisa’s mom hit the road. Lisa now made all the decisions what Lisa would soon find out was things would get worse. Lisa and her two sisters bounced from house to house from aunts to uncles and cousins. A couple months would go on before Lisa pregnant sister Donnie, gave birth to a baby girl. Lisa took responsibility and raised Donnie and her baby along with tiffany.” Lisa attended Morning side High School in California” (“Overview”). Tall skinny and powerful Lisa stated training and laying basketball starting with the boys group. Lisa came from a humble back ground and she; and pushes herself every day with the help of two important people.

So many fans cheer on Lisa because she inspires them. The real question is who her inspirations are. Lisa stated, I don’t think I would have been able to stick with it and be proud of who I am and be feminine out on the court. I think...
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