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COURSE TITLE : Principles of Management and Organization COURSE CREDIT : 3 units, 3 hours per week

Course Description:
This introductory course provides the student background knowledge about the broad and complex field of management, both as a study or discipline and as a practice. It covers the basic management concepts of management, the general functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling and to assist students in understanding the interrelations among the functional areas of a business enterprise, and to see how these functional areas interact in organizational decision making. Designed to develop an ability to objectively analyze solve management problems.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the students should be able to: 1. Describe and explain the functions of management and the skills needed to become an effective manager.

2. Evaluate the pros and cons of group decision making.

3. Explain the elements of the strategic management process.

4. Identify the management strategies use by various organizations & use it to compete globally.

5. Evaluate opportunities for becoming a responsive organization..

6. Explain the behaviors characteristic of leaders of organizations.

Textbook: Bateman, Thomas S., and Scott A. Snell. Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World . 8th edition, 2008, McGraw-Hill International Edition /C&E Publishing

Course Content
|Week |Topics | |1 |Course orientation, policy and guidelines, and grading system | |2 |PART I : FOUNDATIONS OF MANAGEMENT | | |Chapter 1. Managing | | |Competitive landscape | | |Competitive advantage | | |Management functions | | |Management levels | | |Management approaches | | |Managerial skills | |3 |Chapter 2. External Environment & Organizational Culture | | |1. Organization an “Open System” | | |2. External environment | | |3. Competitive environment | | |4. Macroenvironment | | |5. Environmental Analysis | | |6. Responding to the Environment | | |7. Kinds of Strategic Maneuvering | | |8. Nature and types of organizational culture...
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