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Mumbai, earlier known as Bombay is a city of dreams as every person enters this city with a dream in his heart. Filled with vigor and excitement, vacation in Mumbai can definitely be a memorable experience for a tourist. However, it is mandatory to plan the itinerary as it can be a total chaos for one to travel around some of the best places in Mumbai. Some of the best places to see are the Gateway of India, The Flora Fountain, the Marble Palace, Prince of Wales Museum and many more must see places. A vacation in Mumbai in one day or more days can also be possible, provided the tourist has a planned itinerary with him. It also depends on what the tourist is exactly looking for. There are a number of itineraries which are provided to a tourist depending on his vacation in Mumbai. Whether he is looking out for a historical, cultural, religious or beach itinerary, the tourist can get a memorable experience in Mumbai. These memories are enough for him to visit Mumbai again as this is a city of many faces and historic background. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is situated close to the waterfront in South Mumbai. This monument is a basalt arch that has a height of 26 meters. Traditionally, the first monument seen by visitors arriving by boat is the Gateway of India and hence the name... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Flora Fountain

Flora Fountain is a stone fountain that is situated in the Fort Business district in South Mumbai. This was constructed in 1864 and named after the Roman Goddess of Flowers... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Juhu beach

Juhu Beach is situated in the central suburbs of Mumbai and can be visited from Santa Cruz, Vile Parle and Andherias well... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar when translated means “thieves market.” It is situated on Mutton Street, between MaulanaShaukatAli Road and S V Patel Road in Mumbai... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. BhauDaji Lad Museum

The BhauDaji Lad Museum was constructed in 1872 and initially named as Victoria & Albert Museum in remembrance of the museum of London... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Fashion Street

Fashion Street is one of the premier markets of Mumbai, popular for its provision of a variety of readymade garments... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. Chowpatty Beach

The Chowpatty Beach is situated at the northern end of Marine Drive in South Mumbai. One can reach this place by boarding trains or buses or hiring taxis or autos from the city... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9. Esselworld

Esselworldis the oldest amusement park in Mumbai. Yet, it is new in concept and style. It is an international style amusement and theme park that with time adopts progressive technologies... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10. Haji Ali Mosque

TheHaji Ali Mosque is situated on an islet near the coast of Worliin Mumbai. Despite the fact that this structure is a mosque and dargah... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mumbai is called the financial capital of India and it has such a perfect mix of history, culture and modernity that can make any...
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