Topics: Alexander the Great, Iraq, Iran Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Hellenism occurred in Ancient Greek when a country, state or city devoted its time to the Ancient Greek culture, thought and style. Ancient Greek culture consisted of a no poleis government or no political concern. Greek thoughts came from great philosophers such as, Epicurean of Athens and Stoics. Epicureans believed that philosophy could free people from the fear of death by explaining to them that death is the spreading of atoms. He also believed that the happiest people were those who withdrew themselves from society and gain happiest with there families. After the death of Alexander the Great, Greeks begun to abandoned public affairs and turned to private practice of religion and philosophy. Stoics believe happiness could be found in pure love from nature and spending time with family. One also must, learn how to live with natural laws by understanding which things in life are good and evil and which are morally indifferent. After the assassination of his father, Alexander the Great took over his father throne and continued the conquest of the Persian Empire. With Alexander's conquests also came great cultural change. In West Asia and North Africa, tradesmen, intellectuals and aristocrats who were neither Greek nor Macedonian, had begun developing an interest in the Greek ways. The Greek gymnasium became popular. It was a place for bathing and physical exercise. The gymnasium was also a place for training in grammar, rhetoric and poetry. In addition, those who passed through training at the gymnasium acquired a status similar to a modern college degree. The increase in trade and travel enhanced an awareness of distance places. An increase in migrations from city to city and from the countryside to city cut people off from their old tribal ties and increased individualism. So too did the increase in commerce. A new cosmopolitanism was rising. Among city governments came a greater desire for cooperation with other cities, such as offering other...
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