Hell Is Other Ipods.

Topics: Apple Inc., IPod, ITunes Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Bill – Huy Tien Minh Nguyen
“Hell Is Other iPods: The Aural Loneliness of the Long Distance Shuffler”

In “Hell Is Other iPods: The Aural Loneliness of the Long Distance Shuffler,” author Caspar Melville rises an issue about the domination of iPods in the society nowadays. The product of Apple urges the desire inside each person when he or she sees others get one. But the iPod itself has to have attractive points so as to induce people, and they are the gorgeous in looking and a style of independence. The iPod not only solves the differences in taste of music among individuals but also helps people to avoid suffering the kinds of music they don’t like, which may cause “shocks” in some ways. However, Melville points out that this attitude worsens our “already denuded culture” because it builds a barrier of “separation,” even though its aim is to make the “connection.” At his view point, music is defined as the mean to cooperate and interact, but today more and more people tend to plug the headphones in and “block out” the world which they think is “pesky.” However, by exchanging iPods, younger generation has found a new way to introduce themselves. It seems to be quite “peculiar” but along with many other technologies, the iPods are now playing an “epochal” role in 21st-century’s style: “a shift from mass media to personalized media.” I understand and also agree with what author is saying because I also own an iPod. Plugging the headphones in and I can enjoy music any time and any where, I have to admit it’s really convenient. But sometimes it makes me become an impolite person. Once I didn’t response to my friend’s inquiry even though he asked me many times, and in the end he had to shake my shoulder in order to pull me out from the flow of music. After that experience, I set the volume at an acceptable degree and pay more attention to the surroundings. In my opinion, it’s just a minor error of the iPod and users themselves can...
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