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Hell is the deepest, darkest place unimaginable. I say unimaginable because it is impossible for a mere human to comprehend just how terrible Hell really is. Try to remember a time in your life in which you experienced the most excruciating pain you have ever felt. Recreate that painful sensation accompanied by the feeling of hopelessness, the feeling that this pain was never going to subside. Imagine all of the anguish and scorn of the world all reigning down upon your scrawny excuse of a body as you are destined to burn inevitably in the eternal flames of this pit we call Hell.

As I take you through this tour of Hell, keep this feeling close to your soul. For this is the feeling every damned soul is sentenced to as soon as they enter the pit. At the top, one can look down into it and, beneath the flames, witness the countless writhing bodies that are all struggling to achieve one goal. Escape. But escape is impossible; no one gets out of Hell. There are no layers to this pit; just a very simple cone shape. Sinners of the world are cast down into Hell with varying force depending on their sin. The more sinful a person is, the more force is used to expel this person into the depths. Therefore, a person who commits more sins will be thrown deeper into Hell under more burning bodies than those who commit less sin. Those who go through life never really accepting God and not appreciating life will be sent to the top of the pile of bodies. Since their sin is not nearly as depraved as others, they will not have to deal with the pressure of millions upon millions of bodies on top of them as they struggle to get out. Instead they can see the light but are never able to reach it, though they claw and scratch each other and the walls

to try to escape, tearing off their finger nails and exposing their raw skin, only to get burned by tumultuous flames that constantly singe and blister every single body in Hell. Liars are sent slightly deeper...

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