Helicopter vs Airplane

Topics: Fixed-wing aircraft, Flight, Airfoil Pages: 4 (1423 words) Published: May 27, 2013
. Today, I would like to present to you on the topic, the comparison between helicopters and an airplanes.

As we all know, both are an extrodinary aviation miracle. A hundred years back, who would have though of the possibility of a man flying? Thanks to the Wright Brothers, this dream is now a living marvel. Wether it is a helicopter or a plane, they both share the same purpose of making our life easier. Besides that, they both uses the same basic principle of flight which are aerofoil and the Archimedes’ principle. Although they are not entirely the same in the they apply these theories but in a way they are similar. Whether fixed or rotating the wing achieves lift due to it's shape. The upper side is rounded causing passing air to accelerate. This makes the air less dense creating a low pressure compared to air below the wing which generates the lift. On top of that, both helicopters and airplanes are widely use in many different fields. Comercial, military, search and rescue, and law enforcement to name a few. Moreover, these two aviation machines are very costly in terms of maintenance, finance as well as development. Although, in the future, statistics shows that the aviation industry will grow drastically. This shows that both are vital elements in the everlasting growth of our future.

On the contrary, or the differences if you may, is that a airplanes generate lift by moving through the air while helicopters rotate their wings allowing them to generate lift without forward motion. To fly, helicopters have a propellers while airplanes have an engine that provides thrust to push it through the air, which forces air over the wings and create lift that allows the plane to climb. Helicopters have a main propellor blades that turn about a vertical axis. This large rotor provides the lift and forward motion to the helicopter. They also has a smaller rotor at the tail that counter acts the torsional forces created by the torque of the main rotor....
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