Helicopter Lab

Topics: Stationery, Index card, Ruler Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Helicopter Lab
November, 2012
Kevin, Lucy, Charlotte
Objective or Question
What is the most effective helicopter design for landing the slowest?

The most effective helicopter design that allows itself land the slowest would be a cylindrical cone with many small, rectangular wings attached to its base.

Equipment & Materials
Index cardsScissors
Scotch tapeTimer
PaperclipsMeasuring tape
Meter stick
1). Fold an index card into a cone shape.
2). Take another index card and cut out rectangle shaped wings 3). Tape them onto the base of the cone
4). Measure the height from the balcony to the floor
5). Drop the helicopter from the balcony and time it.
Data & Observations
# Wings:
#WingsTime (sec)Average time (sec)Height of drop (m)
72.46, 2.69, 3.112.755.36 m
63.21, 2.76, 2.262.74
53.17, 3.08, 2,702.90

Mass (with seven wings):
Mass (paperclips)Time (sec)Average Time (sec)Height of drop (m) 02.46, 2.69, 3.112.755.36 m
12.40, 3.27, 3.232.90
22.89, 2.44, 2.062.46

7 wings: (2.46+2.69+3.11)/(3) = 2.750 paperclips: (2.46+2.69+3.11)/(3) = 2.75 6 wings: (3.21+2.76+2.26)/(3) = 2.741 paperclip: (2.40+3.27+3.23)/(3) = 2.90 5 wings: (3.17+3.08+2.70)/(3) = 2.902 paperclips: (2.89+2.44+2.06)/(3) = 2.46

Discussions & Conclusions
Couple days ago, we started a lab on making a paper helicopter that will land the slowest. We had couple different designs. We first had the original paper helicopter design. We cut a line through 2/3 of the index card and fold them. Then we had a different design which is more effective: a cylindrical cone that has rectangles of wings taped to its base. We predicted that more wings the cylindrical cone has would cost it faster time to land. First, we tested the drop with the helicopter that has seven wings. It ended up with an average of 2.75 seconds. We were confused, caused that...
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