Helen Storey Textiles Analysis

Topics: Human anatomy, Human body, Vertebral column Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Helen Storey
Professor Helen storey is an artist, designer and scientist living and working in London. Ever since the mid 90’s storey has revisited what she describes as an ‘undeveloped school girl desire to understand and practice scientific research which has cumulated in a series of projects exploring the fields of biology, neuroscience and chemistry.’ (Wikipedia.com) Helen created “primitive streak”- a series of 27 dresses that create a fashion collection chronicling the first 1000 hours of human embryonic development. The title refers to the production of embryotic structure from which major organs develop between fertilization to the appearance of the recognizable human form. The lung dress is one of Helen storeys and Kate storeys beautiful creations. The dress shows the beginning of the creation of the lungs in an embryotic form, the lungs develop from two small buds which branch many times to make the lungs in a fully formed baby. (Wikipedia.com)The lung dress is made from soft, shiny sponge mimicking the lung texture and the shine of the surfaces that allow the lungs to expand. I think the name of the dress “breathe” is so very interesting as well as her dress that improves respiratory health. This was collaboration between the University Of London College of fashion, university of Sheffield and the University of Ulster. The flowing dress is a part of a larger project that helps to engage the public in the science of environmental pollution. “Catalytic clothing” explores how textiles can improve breathing quality and they have created the first air purifying dress. The dress can eliminate pollutants so we can “breathe more beautifully”. The dress is made from sprayed concrete and it’s embedded with “purifying technology.” The science behind this dress could conceivably produce garments that improve respiratory health. The movie by protein feature features supermodel Erin O’Connor wearing a dress that incorporates a catalytic converter this is the...
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