Helen Keller

Topics: Helen Keller, Orthography, Anne Sullivan Macy Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Everyday people take for granted the fact that they can hear, see, or talk. After being diagnosed with an illness they called “acute congestion of the stomach and brain” Helen Keller was no longer able to hear, see or talk again. The author, Helen Keller, discusses stories about her young childhood leading up to when she got to college. She tells us about how her teacher Anne Sullivan changed her life. Anne was very strict with Helen. In just a few days Helen was able to spell words with her hands. With the help of Anne Sullivan, Helen was able to accomplish an array of things throughout her life. Helen herself knew she wasn’t different from everyone else. The reason why she wrote “The Story of My Life” was to explain how she dealt with her disability. Helen Keller wrote different books to communicate with people with similar disabilities and to demonstrate to them that they were just like anybody else. Helen also raised enough money to build schools to educate the blind, deaf, and mute students. I think her purpose for writing this book is to show people in the world that just because she was deaf and blind doesn’t impede her from achieving the same goals anyone else might want. It was more challenging for her to attain the same goals but she always faced a challenge with courage to prove her equality in this world. Helen Keller talked about the first time she was able to spell words out with her hands. She explains that it was at a water well. She says that Anne wrote the words W-A-T-E-R in her hand, and it finally hit Helen. She figured out that the word “water” meant the water she felt pouring over her hand. She then says how she bent down and hit the floor and Anne spelled the word E-A-R-T-H into her hand. Helens brain finally connected that everything had a word and
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