Hela Cells

Topics: Scientific method, HeLa, Cell culture Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: March 28, 2013
HeLa Cells reaction Paper

Scientists have undergone a continuous process to discover the cure for cancer. John R. Masters discusses the high and low points of the major discovery of HeLa cells which comprise the fist cancer cell line. The author’s major concern is the turmoil that occurred in the scientific community due to the lack of authentication of HeLa cells by the researcher. As well as the lack of integrity within the peer reviews of scientific studies involving HeLa cells. Due to the accessibility of the HeLa cells, many different strains were created due to lack of adequate peer review by researchers. The turmoil that has occurred is an excellent example of what can happen due to the failure to follow scientific processes. The article was set up very well to show how a major breakthrough with the development of the HeLa cells spun out of control over time.

One of the major reasons for chaos regarding the HeLa cells is due to the lack of adequate peer review. The purpose of peer review is to eliminate false cell lines and validate work. Once they discovered that errors were being made in the authenticity of HeLa cell strains, corrections needed to be initiated. Scientists should have been validating that strains were in fact from the origin they claimed to be. By stating everything that the peer review would have fixed, the author makes it clear how important peer review is. The author mentions that there is a campaign to have false cell lines renamed with their correct composition. This serves to fix the incorrect strains that are out there. With advances in technology, testing can be done once strains are created to validate that the components of a strain are indeed what they claim to be. Technology has continued to grow over time. When the first strain of HeLa cells was cultured, the technology was lacking in order to test the correct composition of the strain. To prevent incidences like this from reoccurring, we now have the...
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