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Cannibalism means that a human or an animal eats a individual of their own kind. When a human eats human meat then it’s called antrofagi. The word comes from the Caribbean, when it said that human eaters were there.

Cannibalism is very rear in the animal world, there are some species who can eat each other under stress. But outside they buy and they fish world it´s very rare, But if you lock in 2 animals of the same specie in a bad environment can lead to cannibalism for example pigs or chickens.

in many spider species the mother survives the birth and defends the eggs. After the egg are hatch the spiders kill their mother and eat her.

Here are some species that can be cannibals:

Some spider species
Praying mantis
Some frog species
Some snail species

Cannibalism among humans
An exception is survival cannibalism preferably in China. Cannibalism has also been used in a ritual revenge during hundreds of years. The neanderthal men and the native americans were cannibals. Among humans nower days cannibalism is very rare, In ritual cirkomcizes there are human sacrifice and possibli cannibalism in Scandinavia under the Vikings time and with the Azteks.In modern time there can ocurr cannibals in tribes in New Guinea.

The worlds worst cannibals
A rugby team flew the 13th octobre from Urugay to Chile to play a game. But the plane crashed in the Andes and the passengers had to eat their friends to survive. The 16 people were finally saved from the icy cold after 2 months.

2. West India tribes the first document fall of cannibalism in modern time below the Columbus expedition to west India. The European becomes witness to. Grotesque rituals in the original people in west India and look at people like beast. This attitude leads to slavery, mass murder and destruction of the original people culture.

3. Jeffery Dahmer
Dahmer was one American serial killer he was also...

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